Wednesday, January 29, 2014


From this answer to yesterday's post:

"Alexis is like the Glenn Beck of the RPG blogosphere, in a way. He has controversial views on the subject matter, and he makes outlandish statements that rile up the public and, therefore, gets him publicity, traffic flow to his blog, etc. Alexis and Glenn Beck should be taken with an awareness of that context. In that way, we all give ourselves a break in the realm of blood pressure."

I don't know, gentle readers, who are ensnared by my outlandish statements ... do you feel insulted?

How stupid you must be to keep reading me.


JDJarvis said...

"GlennBeck" of the RPG blogosphere????
So your a faux conservative marketing paranoia for your own profit? Aside from a book I don't see you encouraging anyone to buy gold or stockpile food... well I suppose that would be dice and graph paper in RPG land but you aren't doing that either.

Or have I been blinded by the literate razzle-dazzle? How dare you have cogent observations that clearly explain what you are getting at...

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad to see the "You're just like Rush Limbaugh" method of dismissing an argument by first ignoring it then comparing the person advancing it to the dumbest, lowest common denominator huckster you can think of has evolved. ;)

I feel like there should be a German word for this sort of thing. Germans, please tell us such a thing exists or begin working on it post-hastes.

Leroy Grinchy said...

I love your blog. I don't agree w/ everything, but you come from a place of deep love and respect for RPGs. I have just started DMing again, and your blog is a source of inspiration.

Alexis Smolensk said...

James C.,

In accordance with these suggestions we could either go with 'swining' or that the accuser possesses a powerful 'evilogue.' Since it is someone who I have tossed off this blog several times now, either could apply.


I never want to be damned with people who agree with everything I say. How would I ever change my mind?

YagamiFire said...

Eye's can't roll hard enough to do that quote justice.

Jay Murphy said...

Ravencrowking's post was just embarrassing. I have come to the conclusion the people posting content and opinions on rpg's in the blogosphere just absolutely, flat out cannot take criticism. Has no one been through the process of realizing a critique of method/opinion/position/product is not an attack on their person? There is a serious lack of grown ups in this room, sigh.

Marjan said...

@James C:

There is a (German/Latin) word for that:

In that case, it would be something like "Reductio ad Beccum".

Needless to say: Ravencrowking should not be taken seriously in any way, kind, shape or form. Whoever uses such a comparison in an argument proves that he or she does not want to discuss anything. It's an insulting attack and should be treated like that.

Another case of "Don't feed the troll under the bridge".