Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Screwing around with some treasure tables, I stumbled across that old, old table from the DM's Guide, from Appendix I: Dungeon Dressing, 'General,' page 217.  It's all just general trash, but I applied it to my trading system and came up with the following prices (and table), as they would be in Bozen, South Tyrol (where the online party is at, presently):

There are other things in the Appendix, naturally ... and most of them have been added to my equipment tables.  But I thought it was interesting to point out that most of these things are worth the value of a small pouch full of copper pieces ... gather enough of this trash together and you could keep yourself fed.  You could use it to pay off your hirelings.


Arduin said...

I love this thing.

I don't think there are many folks who play the game who really appreciate how much wealth the average hamlet might contain.

Treasure hunting in general seems almost cute compared to out-and-out banditry. Melt the ploughshares and make more swords!

What's the next direction you've been pondering for the great treasure endeavor? Hell, for that matter, do you even bother with the book values/base anything off of them?

Jay Murphy said...

I'll use it in my homebrew, thanks.

Alexis said...

No Arduin, I don't really. As for a direction, I'm kicking some stuff around I may write about much later.