Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sorry, No Post Today

I wish I had a really good reason for posting this.  It would be wonderful if I could write a post about how there isn't enough sex in D&D ... but let's face it, most players of the game really are not tough enough to handle sex in all its perverse variety.

It would be lovely if I could squeeze out a post about the unique and varied uses of wands, rods and staves ... but OGLAF has undoubtedly beat me there, as it has beat everyone on the damn planet.

I could probably post about having just discovered OGLAF last night, but of course I can't do that because, well, we have to save face where it comes to these things.  It's important to present oneself as knowing everything, of being on top of literally every post in the whole internet, because no one, absolutely no one, could possibly have only discovered this brilliant site just last night.

It's a shame I can't come up with a post.  Oh well.  It's still a really good picture.


Butch said...

Oglaf :)

And yes, it's brilliant.

"The Fountain of Doubt?"

Imon Fyre said...

I might have to go back and re-read Oglaf from the beginning. There is some twisted stuff in there.

I actually have an inkling of a nasty little trick to play on some PC's based on one of the themes from early on in Oglaf, the queen and her servant.

Oddbit said...

I'm telling!