Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vlog the Fool

I had promised the first sunday of every month, but hey, January 1 was a holiday.  So here's January's vlog.  I don't have to introduce it ... the video says it all:

And I mean that sincerely.


Arduin said...

I laughed at the Irish bit, I must admit. 'Course, I'm a Gallagher, so I've had practice with that breed of accent.

I've always been slightly miffed at folks who, upon reading some of the more emotional posts here, comment on how much more "human" it makes you seem.

For once, however, I am in agreement. The goofiness here is most certainly a side I hadn't noticed. XD

These Vlogs are great, keep 'em comin'.

R.W. Chandler said...

Fucking epic. Well done, man.

Matt Joiner said...

Awesome lol. You're an asshole, but I'm hooked. Keep up the good work.

Beedo said...

Just saw this one, really great advice. Nice to see someone following their own advice - looking foolish for the sake of art. I need to work with wifey the dramatist to develop more funny voices.