Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't Bug Me, I'm Working

Reality intervenes.

Of late I have been furiously working on maps, sketching out large areas and purposefully choosing to work on India, a large region that is habitually forgotten when it comes to myth or culture.  I admit, I would find running a campaign in India a difficult task, despite the reading I've done on that part of the world.  It all seems to sink out of sight when compared with what's needed to know - like throwing stones into the water, hoping someday they'll pile up and let you build a bridge.  If a party ever wound up there, I'd do my best, but I'd fall far short of the real thing, I'm sure.

Sometimes, when I know I should be doing other things, I lose myself in map-making, or rewrites, or some other design feature ... and very little gets posted on the blog because, for the most part, everything is in mid-creation and nothing is good enough to print.  Sometimes it is because I won't spend the time to transform the material into something the web will recognize; I work on computer, but it takes time to reformat a publisher file or to tidy up things from Excel ... and so it doesn't get done.

But I am working, and creating, and thinking up new things that I'll eventually get onto this blog.  I know that many the gentle reader comes here to find the meat and potatoes I've asked for from other blogs, and I do think I've done that well this last month ... but at present the meat is still on the hoof and the potatoes in the field, so there's little to show.

For far too long I have been meaning to write a post on 'Theology' which would fit into the civilization posts, but I need a particular set of resources to write it from, and those books are sitting on a shelf in my study, untouched and gathering dust.  At some point when I'm at home I'll think to write it out.

In the meantime I have my sardonic, hateful nature, meaning that I'll probably write another post about cliches this week and I'll likely choke out a post about something else that annoys me as well - as soon as I can find something that annoys me.  Lately I've been uncommonly content, which is good for my nature and those close to me but lousy as an inspiration for written posts.


jgbrowning said...

Contentment is great for the soul, but a bit hard for creativity. :)

Nick Crayon said...

I feel your pain. When I was an angsty teenager, it feels like I could write about the most interesting things all day long. In boot camp, when my entire being was consumed with being disciplined and trained and excersized, I came up with the most interesting ideas.

Now that life is calm and peaceful and idyllic, even, there are no ideas to be found. None. Ah, well, such is life.

KenHR said...

My weakness is making maps and automating game stuff via spreadsheets. They become ends in themselves after a while, and my game planning time is whittled away. I think that's why I run very off-the-cuff... :)