Monday, February 1, 2010

Norway Flotsam

I'm publishing this for a fellow who's working on a Norway campaign, circa 1150, who posted on Three Hams Inn yesterday.  It's a list of Norway cities and their approximate dates of founding.  I wouldn't trust any of the figures to be accurate - but what the hell, I spent several hours researching this about a year ago and it's as good as I could manage at the time.

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Nikko said...


Well it's not really so much of a Norway campaign as an eastern Europe campaign. I'm still working on tacking down a good area in terms of where players may find ruins, wilderness and political contexts open enough to be exploited (or sometimes ignored), but strong enough to allow for conflict.

Of course I've gone from having homebrewed maps with some silly context to something so rich and organic that one might possibly call it too rich.

It makes me a little nervous to put players in the real world for this reason, so I figure I can perhaps have the best of both by putting them in areas where all of the place names sound strange and maybe a little fantastical, like Norway.

Keep up the great work!