Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Through It

At last. Goddamn, I have made it through reading and editing the book, which was done twice from beginning to end. I find it interesting that the story is 3,500 words longer than when I started, but it is still tighter and flows very well now. I got to the end, the second time, just minutes before posting here, so I have a record of when.

I really doubted getting to this point.

I have still, regretfully, some technical issues that need researching, but that shouldn't take more than a day, perhaps two.

Best novel I've written. No doubt about that.


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Carl said...

Bravo, Alexis!

I can only imagine what this moment feels like for you, but I imagine it's very, very good.


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Strix said...

Awesome news!!! Congratulations!