Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Campaign: A Meeting

Having been fetched, Delfig is brought to “...a 3 story stone house, attached to a 20' diameter tower that stands 40' high, surrounded by a wide, comfortable garden. The gate is twisted ironwork.” He is brought within and left waiting.

Within a few minutes a servant comes to greet him. “Herr Hornung will see you now,” the servant says. “Please follow me.”

Delfig is led up a flight of stairs and to a bedroom. Hornung lies in a bed, weak and at the moment unconscious. Two other gentlemen stand near the bed looking quite worried. They greet Delfig warmly and introduce themselves. The elder, thinner gentleman is a physician, Fritz Baum. He appears to be in his early 60s, but with a strong grip and a deep, knowing gaze. His companion is Walter Kappel, clearly a half-elf, sallow of skin and clearly fretting over recent events.

“You were found with my Lord, having prevented his passing,” says Fritz. “I am grateful; my lord wishes to thank you.” He moves to the bed. “My Lord ... my Lord, it is Herr Kolhupfer.”

Hornung stirs. He raises his eyes with difficulty, and focuses on Delfig. “Come closer,” he says. “How can I repay you?”


Anonymous said...

I bow to Hornung.

"Nein Herr, it is I and all of us who are in your debt for defeating that evil spawn. Friar Jan had sent me to find you so that you could shut the Gate to Hell."

"When you have recovered, if you would find it possible to vouch to the Merchants Guild for myself and my companions who helped me to get to the town square, we would be extremely grateful. And if there is anything I can ever do for you, Herr Hornung, I am at your service."

Alexis said...

Hornung: "Is it that you wish to join the guild? Are you a man of such eminence?"

Anonymous said...

(I asked such because waaaay back when, when we were asking about finding work, we were told that we had to be bonded by the Guild. I took that to mean it was more of a "reference" than of being high eminence. Have I misspoken?)

Alexis said...

No, you haven't. He only makes the assumption that you are more important than you are, and doesn't think that you only want permission to work with the guild.

It's a natural misunderstanding for him to have, so I put it in. Did not mean to confuse.

Anonymous said...

(Ahhh... *whew*)

"In time perhaps, but for now, I wish only for my companions and I to freely work in Dachau as bonded and vouch-safed members of the community."

"I will pray for your complete recovery, Herr Hornung."

Alexis said...

"Walter," says Hornung, "Will you see that it is so?"

"At once my Lord."

Hornung falls into a fit of coughing, ending in a spasm that takes time to pass. "My Lord," says Fritz, "You must rest. This can wait."

Hornung holds up his hand. "She cannot," he says. To Delfig, Hornung says, "I cannot help but recognize the item that hangs from your neck." He speaks of the cross that Jan gave; let us assume that it came with a chain.

Anonymous said...

I nod slowly. "Yes, Herr - that is why I came to find you - Friar Jan bid me to find you to close the gate. I had an unpleasant encounter with one of the shapechangers and skulks and found Friar Jan with one imprisoned later. He bid me to give it to you."

I take it off my neck and lay it beside Herr Hornung.

Alexis said...

"No," says Hornung. "Keep it - take it back to Jan. Tell him to bring it to Serafina; tell him that I send you as my envoy. He will know what to do."

With that, Hornung will lapse into sleep. Fritz will move towards him and press his ear to Hornung's chest. "It is well that he sleeps."

Walter will approach Delfig. "There was another with you - we did not hear his name. My Lord asked that you both be given this:"

He will hold out a large pouch. It will appear quite heavy.

Anonymous said...

I will bow my head and accept the bag. "I will see to it - my companion's name is Kazimir. Please assure Herr Hornung when he wakes that his request will be fulfilled at all speed."

At that, I'll wait for someone to show me the way out, or request to be shown the way.

Alexis said...

You are shown out. Within the pouch is 300 g.p. (OOC: Testing your honesty, as it were)

That's a good place to stop today.

Alexis said...


Once you are outside, where would you like to go?

Anonymous said...

Good question. I have a couple:

Considering that I'm now carrying around a large amount of coin - what is the state of banking or of money changing in Dachau? Will I know that I can deposit my money at XYZ, or is it not that simple?

My intent is to somehow ensure the safeguard of this pouch (I'm assuming 300gp is a nice sum - Attendant level for age 25, by your breakdown and dividing this roughly equally - based on your posts from the past few weeks)

Alexis said...

Ah, banking.

Since you are no one of consequence, you would be forced to seek out a usurer. You should expect to be charged 10 per cent of the money to keep it safe; furthermore, there wouldn't be anything in the way of interest paid. However, they would issue a 'receipt' which would be a form of money ... not much good for ordinary buying, but fine for rents, large purchases and such.

I think you're being overly cautious. A more practical solution would be to hold onto the money, perhaps transferring it to a money belt worn by your person. As a thief, and given the weight of the pouch (about 75 oz.), it would be difficult for someone to simply take the money without your knowing. Anyone who chose to rob you openly might do so for the lute you're carrying, or your weapons, etc.

Most times in the real world, unless you choose to specifically go to areas of danger, such as the underground or a dive, you really have nothing to worry about. If you were to travel from city to city, carrying very much gold, it might be worth it to get a receipt, but since changing the receipt back into coin usually involves another 3-6% charge, it isn't worth it.

Such charges wouldn't exist, or would be greatly reduced, if you were a person of consequence. But being a nobody, you are a great risk to any usurer who might deal with you.

You would do better to split it up among the party, if you trust them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that.

I will seek out a Herr Leather Worker to purchase a money belt, or if he needs to make one, a suitable deposit for such, and then head back to the Pig to await news of my companions.

Alexis said...

You take some time in locating the leather worker's shop; would you like me to find my Dachau list, or can you find it in the archives?

As this is not a market day, add 5% tax to the cost of anything you buy.

Anonymous said...

I've got the post linked with the price list. I have the cost at 3sp + 2cp (5% of 3sp) - is that correct?

Was there a reason it was difficult beyond the wreckage of Dachau?

Alexis said...

Correct. And well done.

Tiberius, if you are out there anywhere, you will take note of Delfig returning to the Pig.

Anonymous said...

I'll wait for my companions to arrive and then share the news (and gold) with them.

In the meantime, I'll play tunes at the Pig honoring Hornung's battle and bravery and the hope he lives and recovers. I'll also accept requests and tips. *g*

Tiberius said...

Tiberius, resting from his labors at the town square, greets Delfig when he walks into the gasthaus.

Anonymous said...

"Tiberius, my friend.. good to see you. Any news of our friends?"

I'll motion to Tiberius to join me in a convenient spot that is secluded from prying eyes - whether that's outside, behind the Pig, or in a corner of the room. I'll then hand him 75gp (1/4th of the 300) and quietly explain to him that the gold came from my helping Herr Hornung. I'll also tell him that we'll be vouched for at the Merchants Guild by Hornung.

"So, my friend... what do you think of that?"

Tiberius said...

"This is an unexpected boon," Tiberius says, his eyes widening at the sight of the gold. "I expect that the guild may need time to rebuild from its losses, but who's to say they won't need a couple of able-bodied men to do their business with? An unexpected boon indeed! As for our friends, I have not seen them since this morning at breakfast."

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is very good, although I wonder what will come of this later. I do have needs to perform a small task. I have to deliver this item back to a Friar. Would you like to accompany me or would you prefer to enjoy your newfound riches?

(What time is it?)

Alexis said...

It is almost two in the afternoon, though it is difficult to be precise as the belltower was destroyed on the cathedral.

Anonymous said...

I'll inquire to Helmunt if he's heard news if people are being allowed in and out of Dachau today, and inquire if he's heard of a Friar Jan.

Alexis said...

Helmunt can recall having served an ale or two, but knows nothing about the man.

There is no martial law. The gates are open, in fact the fee for entering has been temporarily lifted to encourage the importation of labor into the city.

Tiberius said...

"I'd be happy to assist you in your task," Tiberius says. "Should we wait for our friends? Or would you rather deliver the object right now?"

Anonymous said...

I'll tip Helmut a gold piece (privately with a nod and thanks for his hospitality and help).

"Since I don't know how long they'll be, I'd rather do this now while we still have light. We'll need to visit some cotters in the Baron's fields to see if they can point us in the right direction."

And having said that, I'll gather my pack and things and head out to the gates and the cotters.

Tiberius said...

Tiberius will follow Delfig.

Alexis said...

Good. Continue on the Post, "A Reordering of Status."