Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Banner Day

I still haven't got the rhythm down of this vlog thing.  But . . . I wanted to show how big my table's banner is going to be for the FanExpo next week:


Maxwell Joslyn said...

Banner is looking good, Alexis. The "clean" artwork is appealing. Wish I could go to the expo to meet you in person; I'll have to settle for getting your book in the mail sometime next week instead.

Eaterofkittens said...

I am eagerly awaiting my copy. I kept one eye on my front porch from noon to six.
I appreciate the video. I occasionally read your blogs to my spouse and naturally try to mimic your voice which, due to your name, i had cast as a russian accent. I am relieved that i can discard it as its not very good.
I like the empty table. It is to me a call to action. Who will dare to fill the chair?