Thursday, October 14, 2010

Outcall For An Art Expert

It is becoming clear to me that one of the roles that our proposed on-line wiki will require is an Art Director, an individual who can oversee the artistic design of the database, including both video and illustrations, and any props necessary for the heightened appearance of the pages as they are created.

I would be looking for someone who could work cheerfully on their own according to very light guidelines, whose principal interest was a visual contribution to inspire the imagination of D&D, who could create - or find others who could create - original art, and who would take it upon themselves to illustrate pages without being directed to do so.

The position doesn't pay, so obviously it would have to be for enjoyment's sake ... but the site could prove a source for showcasing good work (if it was appropriate) and - since we intend to be professional in its appearance - meaningful practical experience for someone wishing to gain skills in the field.

Regarding a working relationship, I am more inclined to let quality talent off the chain rather than attempt to micromanage.  Initially, it wouldn't be much work - since the development of pages will be slow - but someone who is interested in developing their own agenda and therefore pages for the wiki, would probably find themselves encouraged rather than bridled.

If this sounds like something you'd like to take a crack at, I'd like to see a representation of your art skills, a few comments about your former experience and lots about what you'd like to do if given the opportunity.  Please ask questions in the comments for this post, and please direct any serious desire to get involved to

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