Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slartibartfast Can Suck My ****

Unlike him, I did not enjoy doing this at all.

But I admit, not bad.

I lied, apparently, for I promised to post the coastline of Turkey before this ... but after working on this coastline for two and a half months, I decided I couldn't wait.  It isn't even actually done - there are no labels for most of the regions.  Like I said.  Couldn't wait.

For what its worth, though.  Perhaps in a week or so I'll label it and repost.  In the meantime, please pardon the small flaws.  They're created by mashing together the four file maps over which Norway spreads.  You see, the largest convenient map to work on is 30 x 35 hexes ... and Norway is so long it doesn't conveniently fit even on two maps.

Sometime I might fix those too.

UPDATE: I've had a number who have asked me, on other map posts, what mapping program I use.  None, in fact.  This is all done on Microsoft Publisher, and it is all done by hand.  The hexes are objects, and everything else is a straight line (albeit, very short straight lines).

The scale is 1:1,267,200, and the hexes are 1.045 inches by 0.91 inches (hexagons which all 60 degree angles are not, I found, square.  The twenty mile diameter of each hexagon is across the flat, so from point to point they are 22.9 miles.


Barking Alien said...

Not bad? I think its fantastic. This is my kind of hex map. Its useful but artistic as well. A very stylized rendition without sacrificing the fact that its a map first and foremost.

My maps look cool but are better for getting an overall feel of the land than actually being useful for navigating it. Most peoples' gaming maps are the opposite. To me you've hit the rare sweet spot in the middle. Well done.

Nikko said...

Sorry, I guess I should read the actual text before I make comments.. D'oh.

PatrickW said...

I've just put together an empty 24.5x36 hex blank map using Publisher, with room for an elevation key at the bottom (and pribably a symbol key, but I haven't gotten there yet). Wow does that slow Publisher down. I may have to switch to a smaller map size to reduce my frustration level with the delays.

While looking at your published maps as color guides, I don't see an example of the 6000-6999 ft elevation. Have I missed it or is it just uncommon?

BTW, good lord the coast of Scandanavia is complex! I can see why you'd want to show that off.

Alexis said...

The color scheme for that 6000-6999 elevation:

Hue: 25 Red: 255
Sat: 100 Green: 196
Lum: 80 Blue: 153

Should be able to find the numbers in the fill color option.