Friday, February 16, 2024

Feelin' Rough

I've been sick this past week, which has been a serious undermining of my physical exercise routine, one I'd managed to keep going for three weeks.  I've still gotten in 200 minutes of walking — and let me tell you, exercising while sick is really the worst — and I think that my physical response to this cold has been unusually strong, which I attest to the exercise.  My body fat has dropped about 6%, and though I haven't lost any weight I've toughened up all over.

But no one is here to hear about this.  Between dragging myself through my day job, the exercise and simply crashing for naps, I've only written a little more than 2 pages on the Streetvendor's Guide.  As such, I'm not going to post two pages on my patreon today, kicking that can down the road.  It just is what it is.  I feel better today, feel like I can write, and I've got no assignments due until Tuesday.  I plan on getting some floor stretching in and more walking.  The cold clearly resulted from my going to the pool last weekend, so I'm not going there for a bit.

I trust the Ternketh content has been suitably interesting.  I have one more section of that to post, which I'll do after tomorrow's Q&A.  This is all the news I have.  I should be in normal shape, and productivity, by Monday.

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