Sunday, May 12, 2019

Next Step: Defining Instruction

I suppose this is what is meant by other Patreons offering pre-information to people before it is published generally.  But I'd rather just publish content as I conceive it for the general public, especially if it isn't finished.  I occasionally get an idea from a reader I hadn't considered, and that informs my thinking process.

This is the links page for the sage study, Instruction.  I'm just piecing this content together from notes I've been keeping in my head for about three years now.  The links provided are placeholders for the moment: I'll be adding to them from today until Tuesday, I expect.  I just want to post this to keep the reader in tune with my intentions, hoping that you'll see the big picture even if the little details are still obscure.

This is what would be potentially available to a 1st level fighter that took Instruction as their primary sage ability.  All of these would be useful, particularly if the goal was to build up some followers from the outset.  I have no problem with that as a DM; I think one of the most overlooked benefits of game play is the opportunity to create allies ~ and to use them in more interesting ways that combat.  Properly managed allies can act as caretakers for the party's things and animals, as a source for information, as persons posted in varying villages and towns throughout a region, even as a revenue source if they are provided with the means to set themselves up in business.

Unfortunately, the rules surrounding loyalty always presumes there's a LARGE chance that the follower will try to stab the liege in the back, and has to be watched constantly.  This does not fit at all with human behaviour, particularly if proper care is taken to instruct and bring aid to followers.  That is one of the purposes of this sage study, but I'm still working out the particulars in my thoughts.

Anyway, big picture:

Instruction provides a fighter or ranger with the skill to train others in the fields of animal training, leadership [fighters only], mastery of arms, training and wilderland [rangers only]. However, while the focus of the instruction is upon fighter and ranger sage abilities, opportunities for training in other persons in secondary skills and like skills exists.

The study allows the training of non-levels as well as levelled persons in numerous techniques, even providing some improvement in the combat abilities of spellcasters and thieves.

What can be taught is limited by the ability stats of the student and the knowledge possessed by the instructor. The instructor cannot teach what is not known ~ and in many cases the knowledge that can be provided to the student is less than the instructor knows. However, since the study includes the possibility of a student obtaining levelled status, there is room for a student to ultimately surpass the instructor, given time.



  • Pass Along Ability: enables the possible acquisition of a sage ability from a study in which the instructor is an authority.
  • Train Levelled Fighter: provides the training needed for a man-at-arms to advance to a levelled character.

As I said, I'll be giving more information afterwards, particularly with that rule, "give proficiency."  I think players are going to love me for it.

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Sterling said...

I love this idea. These instruction rules are going into my game almost whole cloth.