Saturday, September 29, 2018

New Master Class Post

This post, Rewarding Players, is the shortest I have written for the MasterClass blog, just 2,600 words.  I wanted to put more into it, but the subject material simply didn't have the legs to let me riff for the desired 3,000 word minimum.

Sometimes, however, a post doesn't need words.  It needs an idea.  The idea here is that players are owed by DMs when they play well.  And a DM in that situation has an obligation to pay up, ethically and honestly.  Paying up doesn't have to mean pouring out a dumptruck of treasure and ensuring everyone goes up a level ... but it does mean rewarding the players in a way that matters, not only to the campaign but to them as People playing in the campaign.

Anyway.  This makes one post for September, which will be the only one as I explained earlier.  The next one, my last one for the foreseeable future, will not come until after Halloween, and potentially weeks after Halloween.  But I'm assured by my readers that we are well.

Enjoy the new post.  I'm here if anyone has questions.

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Zilifant said...

Wow, what an inspiring post! I love how the rewards you gave had meaningful ties to your world, and it was great to see such genuine and heartfelt appreciation from your players. These types of rewards are so much more interesting and valued than items rolled randomly from the DMG. I am excited to use this type of reward in my game!

I have seen on other blogs and forums online that some DMs encourage players to give them "wish lists" of magic items they want. I get the sense that this idea was actually written into one of the more recent versions of the rules, but I can't personally confirm that. I can't even imagine how incredibly boring and unimaginative a game would be where the DM rewards players with the specific items they request. Barf.