Friday, April 6, 2018

Sometimes Players Just Deserve to Die

Most of the time, I am convinced that most D&D players are exactly stupid enough to fall for something like this ... [as most males would be in real life, too].

Sometimes as a DM, there's no way to protect against players ignoring all the signs and just going ahead with something, no matter what.  Unless, of course, it becomes necessary to have a neon light flashing just outside the door, stating, "Several hundred somethings, you will die if you enter."

Nah.  That probably wouldn't work either.


Drain said...

I take it the live run went well, then?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Haven't had any time or energy to run any kind of running in ten days ... as you well know, Drain. If I were running anyone, I'd be running Engelhart in the dungeon room with the ticks: which I am very sorry not to be doing. Damn this wiki change, damn the processes of life, damn everything that keeps me from this game.

Drain said...

Not at all, Alexis, the comment wasn't intended as a tug-back to the campaign.

Knowing you'd had a live game recently of which we never came to hear from, I genuinely thought something might have happened that justified the funny you were now making.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Nope. I didn't make the graphic. I just thought it was funny.

Baron Opal said...

Yes, people can be astonishingly dim. But, I've also found that "it won't be me" is a strong motivator.

There was a convention game I ran 6-7 times. There were 4 paths or so to get from A to B, and they all went through this one spot, a hall with three doors. Two of the doors went on, but the third opened into a trap that was Not Even Remotely Fair. And, scrawled on the door in blood was "This is a death trap! Do Not Enter!"

Every. Damn. Time. They opened the door. They just had to see, to know. They were sure they were the group that could find the short cut. (There wasn't one.)

"You killed us all!"
"I did warn you. Explicitly."
* Sputters *