Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March and My Jumpstarter

At this time, I must try to push again for contributions to my Jumpstarter campaign.  As it is now March, I'm under some pressure to raise a little more money this week in order to cover the cost of silly things like utilities and food.

I'd ask that if the reader hasn't made a contribution yet that you kindly consider a small donation of $25 or perhaps $15, either of which will help us out tremendously with the little things.  We've done amazingly well, raising over $1,400 in three weeks from wonderful readers who have said many kind things about their appreciation for the blog and my other writings.  But there's always a little more hurt in the future, which I know many readers will be experiencing as well.

So if you can help a little, please do.  Remember that I have offered a list of rewards for those who contribute, connected to both the module that I've made, Ternketh Keep, along with the book I'm writing, The Fifth Man.  Regarding the latter, I'm just now working on the crisis that moves the story from the end of the first act and into the second.  Fine stuff, as I introduce some of the characters that people have given money to have renamed after themselves.

Here again is the list of my Jumpstarter rewards:

  • For $10, I will provide an online copy of my latest gaming adventure, Ternketh Keep.
  • For $15, Added to the above, I will also provide plans to the Airship I've created.
  • For $25, Added to the above, I will also give as a bonus an 80-page preview to my book, no less than two weeks prior to the official publishing date of the novel.
  • For $50, Added to the above, I will handle the purchasing and sending of the book as soon as the book is published.
  • For $75, Added to the above, the copy received by the reader will be personally signed by me, along with a gamer girl t-shirt (as long as supplies and sizes last).
  • For $100, Added to the above, I am prepared to work the reader's name into the novel, promising at least one story significant line (as long as unused characters remain).

Please make all donations through the donate button found on my blog's sidebar.  Allow me to share a part of my creative process with you, while you in turn enable me to produce the best possible novel that I can.


Fuzzy Skinner said...

Not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but I couldn't find your email address (and I don't blame you, what with all the spam-bots). For a $15 donation, instead of providing both Ternketh Keep and the airship plans, is there any way that you could provide the adventure in both PDF and Publisher formats, excluding the airship?

Alexis Smolensk said...

I can do you one better, Fuzzy. I can provide all the content in both formats. But you will need to have a gmail address, because the PDF seems to be too troublesome for most email providers.

Fuzzy Skinner said...