Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lo, the 7th of March

This will be yet another short post.  But the rewriting, the re-editing will be done soon, at least for me.

After a long discussion with my editor, we've agreed on extending the publishing date for The Dungeon's Front Door to March 7th.  My sincere apologies.  All I can say is that it's a hard date.  I will release the book on the 7th even if I don't get back the edited copy for the last pages.  I'm being told that there's little fixing that needs to be done to the draft I'm providing the editor - so I will review the content myself and trust to fate if that's what it takes.

I really hate on line when people put off and put off and put off the end dates of something.  It's a sort of disrespect for the reader that I cannot abide.  So I will not be doing this to the reader again.

So, to repeat: the 7th of March, not the 1st.  And as I said yesterday, you can follow me on twitter, @Tao_of_DnD - where I will be updating daily.

I am going to be so glad to spike this project.

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JB said...

Sometimes a picture IS worth a thousand words...today's Pic-A-Day is the perfect compliment to this post.
: )

Good luck with the hard date, man!