Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I just have a little list of things I'm going to take to the Toronto FanExpo with me, just things that have been kicking around.  I'm going to take the most money I can for them, as I don't care if I sell them or not . . . but here's a list of prices that eBay gives me:

$38 - $54 – Advanced Wizard The Fantasy Trip (2 copies)
$15 - $26 – Adventure 8 Prison Planet
$27 - $31 – Adventure Module U3: The Final Enemy
$10  – Battle System Fantasy combat supplement
$27 – 1984 Fantasy Gamer (Dec/Jan 84, Jun/Jul 84)
No price – HarnDex Glossary & Reference (1983)
$11 – Map of Harn (1983)
$27 - $30 – Blackmoor (2004 reprint)
$142 – $350 – Chainmail (3rd edition)

Anything interesting?


Arduin said...

Some of that stuff looks pretty neat. If I were going to Toronto, I'd probably fork over some cash for the Harn stuff as an impulse buy to support the cause.

Good luck getting the book out there!

Jomo Rising said...

They almost look like prizes you would give out at another publicity event.

VeronaKid said...

Just wanted to wish you all the best of luck at the convention. Here's to hoping that the public discovers you and "How To Run," you sell thousands of copies, go on to become a best-selling author and designer of RPG's, and get to retire on a tropical island not unlike the one in your blog's background.

Or whatever else you might want. Anyway, good luck!