Monday, July 28, 2014

Turtles Are Not Scary

Heh heh.  Talk about the book, tighten the upper lip and don't talk about the book . . .

Well, I'm only human.  And people out there have said they have obtained the book and that they were set to read it over the weekend.  So I know eyes have fallen on pages.

The rules say shut up.  But I never had any part in making those rules, while shutting up has never been my strong suit.

I ran D&D on Saturday.  Expectations were high, emotions were high, stress was high - and there was some drama.  Ah well.  Was to be expected.  People are pressure cookers and four months is a lot of pressure.   But the running was good and I left three players trapped on a narrow, enclosed beach, at night, with a giant turtle climbing out of the sea.  In the dark, they weren't sure what it was at first . . . their imaginations rose to the occasion.  Then they found it was a 'turtle' of unknown type and they felt relieved.  Turtles are not scary.

I've been relaxing the last few days.  I'm due to get my own books from the printer on Friday.  Yes, I know now that the spine is 'upside down.'  Too late for those books from the printer.  Perhaps, one day, the reverse spine will be the proof that it's a first edition book.  Fantasies.  We all have our fantasies.

I'm a bit scatter-minded, so I'm going to just write this and go.  Pages are turning and I swear I can hear them.


Oddbit said...

I have read through... two? Three chapters?

I ended Sunday night at the player stereotypes section.

Spent a lot of time thinking about what was written. The key points at the end are very useful.

Did feel like at the end of the player section I completely forgot about the beginning and the key points confused me for a bit.

Lots of interesting and NEW content. Definitely geared towards helping a new DM. Looking forwards to reading the rest.

Barrow said...

I have read up to part 3. I had to put it down so that I had time to prepare for D&D last weekend. I made a checklist of concepts from "How to Run" that I wanted to incorporate into my game. I noticed encouraging increases in player engagement spawning from pretty minor adjustment to my running style. I am happy with the book and results so far.

Steven said...

I just got my copy today so I have not had a chance to do more than skim your chapter summaries (nice touch btw) and show it off to a friend who will begin DMing a game soon. In any case, it has jumped to the top of my 'To Read' list.

I hadn't noticed the spine. I believe French books orient the text the same way.

Ozymandias said...

...dragon turtles are scary...

Eaterofkittens said...

I haven't nabbed my copy yet, I blew my infinitesimal fortune on food and phone activity but soon.