Thursday, September 12, 2013


I, too, would like to go back to talking about D&D.

That may be the last time I let myself off the political chain. I don't think my point is in error, but on a great many levels I despise the resulting disagreement between a good fellow and myself and our inability to see eye-to-eye. I'm also unhappy with the general dissatisfaction, the ultimate shit-raking that the post inspired, the hard feelings and in general the waste of time it all was. I wrote a visceral post inspired by personal feelings of powerlessness over the general bullshit crap the world is fostering upon itself and I suppose I shall have to resist the tendency to do so in the future.

I haven't felt good about it all day. Everyone is going through their own visceral dissatisfaction on this; I think it's about impossible to relate my dissatisfaction to anyone else's on this forum. There isn't enough time to write all the words, there's too much emotion involved, there's no facial expressions to give evidence of what we as humans really mean and somehow it's just a big fucking fart in the wind.

I apologize. It's really something that should be discussed over beers, and not until the third beer, and then ernestly with plenty of reflection on where all the parties have come from, what they want and where it applies to them personally. The net is too random for this shit. It's too open to abuse.

I apologize. I've thought long and hard about deleting the whole damn mess, but there's something in that which galls, so I won't. I'll leave it there for reflection. I leave it to remind me why I need a chain. There's a reason pitbulls shouldn't be wandering around free.

I apologize. I'll go back to D&D now.


Anonymous said...

Ultimately I think those who read your blog understand your approach and wouldn't want a turgid, bloodless you. In other words, I'm relatively new to the blog but i appreciate your fire. I didn't mean to seem trite or an ass, but as a US citizen I wanted some parity, I suppose. Apologies if I offended. I just want to reiterate my own disgust with the US long history of nation building in all the negative ways. Anyway looking forward to D&D posts.

Kismet Korkmaz said...

Personally I'd love to hear about the way you've approached player designed holdings and big enchantments like those we encountered in the siege (the gate thing and the cannon thing) in regards to players realizing those ideas.

I would also can't wait for the spot and disarm traps...

Oh, and random thought... How did you map out... Hell was it? When your live party went there?

Jay Murphy said...

Alexis, your post "No More Mr. Nice Guy" was spot on. You need not apologize at all.

Anonymous said...

Alexis, I feel very much the same as you about yesterday's exchange. While I had every intention of seeing that you had the last word on it I think I would seem a real shitheel if I didn't respond to this in this forum. Thank you for this post and please forgive me for calling your character into question in your comments section.

I'd like to point out to others it really says much about your character that you took the initiative to post this and didn't screen a single one of my responses yesterday, even the one that verged on or perhaps simply was personally abusive.

I look forward to getting back to the game in all the ways you celebrate and advance it both here and on the campaign blog.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I think you'll be disappointed about the find/remove traps, Kismet. One of the reasons I haven't done it yet is because I'm fairly happy with the original rule. It just needs a tweak.

Hell was a set piece. I did not have the party walking through a vast part of it, they had to seek out an intelligent great turtle first, who summoned a mage for them who could plop them down into the courtyard of the City of Brass where their friends were. There was a lot of heat damage, and the party escaped with most of them in the negatives. Was a very tough, very close fight, about two or three rounds from a TPK.

Regarding toys like the cannon, you dream them up, you explain them to me (what you want them to do), and then I tell you what's necessary. Keep in mind the Bishop was 16th level and had a LOT of henchmen; he could afford to scour the world and the outer planes for the things to make that go together - remembering that the gate and the cannon were actually designed to go together.