Thursday, May 2, 2013

John Romer's Testament

Just a general potpourri today, I suppose.

Something I've wanted to do is put up a series of posts highlighting what I consider to be the best documentaries, mostly on any subject.  I prefer docs very heavy on content and thought, which do more than inform, they challenge ... and the very best presume you have at least some knowledge already of what's presented.

Below are two screen shots from John Romer's Testament, the whole series of which can be seen on youtube.  It's a seven-episode series on the development of sacred Judeo-Christian texts.  John Romer is an archeologist and designer; he's done four excellent documentaries, of which Testament is undoubtedly the best.  I'll be highlighting all four ... but since I've decided to watch them all again, I'll post here when I'm done each.

John Romer inside Hagia Sophia
A shot of Hagia Sofia's dome, 107 ft. across
(between the circle of windows)

Those paying attention will note that Hagia Sofia is also the wallpaper behind this blog.

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