Thursday, May 16, 2013

Don't Forget the Garage!

Here's a spectacular review of my book, Pete's Garage, posted by Vlad on my last post:

"I bought your book! ... I kind of found it every now and then, then more often, and even lost half a day of work because I couldn't keep my eyes from it ...

And it is very, very good! And then some.

Easy to follow, very pleasant to read, clear and yet quite deep ...

This real, breathing world, full of interactions and pieces coming slowly together, very interesting characters, a touch of fantasy of the right kind for the theme, behind a curtain of "normality" (reminding me of Neil Gaiman) ..."
That's fantastic.  Vlad found me on facebook last night, long enough to share a few words.  He's a habitant of France ... so Pete's Garage has world appeal!

Good news!
Now, another friend of mine tells me that I ought to mention that there are fantasy elements to the book, the sort which a D&D player would really appreciate.  The word on that is out a bit, but I've been intentionally keeping that under wraps.  I don't want to spoil the book.
Now go buy this thing.  Only $9 as an e-book.  Excellent quality press otherwise.  It really won't cost much, and so far, I have yet to hear a single bad review.

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