Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Group III

It took awhile, but I am finally ready to put up the next group of technologies in the sequence.  The last few I did out of sequence, on account of losing my place, but they're all caught up now and I'm ready to move forward.  Accordingly, the next post in the series would be on Divine Right.

I didn't imagine I'd be writing these 19 months after I started (the first was July 3, 2009, during my nine-month unemployment period following the recession) ... but then, I suppose it didn't really occur to me how long it would take to write nearly forty posts.  I have enjoyed most of them.  Some have needed more research than others.  Some, I think, have been particularly spot on, while others have wallowed.  But that's how it goes.

It does prove, I think, that D&D has its finger in virtually any subject one cares to name ... if the game is given its due.  It will be harder to write posts about D&D when the technology surpasses the level that fantasy roleplay nominally requires.  I've been wondering about that for ages.  Three of the last four subjects in this group include 'rifling,' 'corporation' and 'chemistry.'  So at the present rate of writing, I'll have to provide an answer to that curiousity in oh, about nine months.

Looking forward to it.


Oddbit said...

Honestly, I think rifling and chemistry wont be so bad. Many games incorporate gunpowder as more advanced weapons than the un-rifled versions, and chemistry can be easily paralleled with alchemy, sometimes used as more of an 'advanced science' rather than 'magical materials'.

Corporations, especially you've already covered Guilds, seems to me to be an opening for considering how Corporations could be used in a game. Rather than necessarily how they are currently used. Of coarse, with the time till the posts occur, there's plenty of time to consider such things.

Alexis said...

Oh, I'm not worried about those. It's what will come after those. 'Satellites,' for instance.

Oddbit said...

Hrm, good point. I guess that would go into the musing part, and considering interpretations of planes and 'science' in your world. Definitely leaning towards 'what if' and drawing parallels. Or perhaps bringing up what it means to NOT have those technologies and how they have redefined living in their modern age.

Alexis said...

"...what it means to NOT have those technologies and how they have redefined living in their modern age.

Scares me how much we think alike.