Monday, January 17, 2011

Wiki, January 17, 2011

It takes a long time to design anything.

At this point in the wiki, two months in, I begin to realize how much of my world I actually keep inside my own head, or which exists as easily looked up material on the Internet.  My party, as of Saturday, is rushing across the middle of central Europe pell mell, trying to catch a boat in Hamburg ... and to help me run that journey what I have is my maps, Wikipedia and a lifetime of geographical and historical studies.

Seems to be going pretty well.

I suppose I have spent a lot of my time working on maps because they serve as memory aids to me; when I see a particular city or mountain range, my head engages and I can see the trees, the mountains, the castles, the battles fought over the ground by everyone from the Romans up to the present day, the political intrigues to retain that land, the ethnic peoples, the artwork and even the literature.  I've tried to write out lengthy descriptions of areas ... but the fact is, Wikipedia does it better.

 I completed the map (except for some labelling, which I never quite get around to).  Below are two maps showing the difference between last week's appearance and this:

For anyone who plays war games, the First and Second World Wars, this should look pretty interesting.

I continue to hope that some gentle reader will come forth and have the wherewithal to publish some of their own material on the Wiki.  It does not need to be maps ... there is always a demand for monsters, magic, floorplans, tables of all variety and much more I can't begin to guess at.  Creativity knows no limitation.  If you have something you'd like to post - remembering that no one is free to comment on the Wiki, so you can't be vilified there - email me at

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Arduin said...

I would love to eventually put something on the Wiki.

If anything, the current bar is set intimidatingly high. I'd have to be dead certain that what I had was up to par to try and submit it.

Which is probobly the point.

You've got good stuff, and the wiki deserves a good collection of authors.