Friday, May 28, 2010

Globetrotting In Italy

Really, I have nothing else to write of late; working on projects, and investigating into Italy (researching 433 different cities takes time) ... so the gentle reader gets nothing but more pictures.  Between you and I, however, I feel that things like this should be inspirations towards those dungeons and settings you're all so on about.  How big is big, I think the question ought to be, particularly considering this immensity from the small town of Monreale, Sicily, built in the 12th century by the Normans (those who weren't conquering England):

And this would be a spectacular shot of the town of Cefalu, also in Sicily, on the north coast:


I've only just realized.  This is two years, today, that this blog has been in existence.  Just chance that I remembered the anniversary.


Anonymous said...

Monreale is very nice :)

In the back of the cathedral there is also a cloister and a HUGE magnolia (which kinda leans on the abyss, as the cathedral is built on top of a rocky outcrop):

Btw, did you give a look at Sforza castles? Milan, Bellinzona and Soncino are quite a thing :)

Anonymous said...

I'm just back from Bergamo and the high city there was really inspiring - the way that sloping roofs on buildings intersect from different directions and how the piazzas are hidden in a maze of high buildings and narrow streets. Not a revelation but somehow more intense because I engaged my senses or something. Travel does bring ideas into focus, and I think my city campaigns will benefit.